Super Marketing

A super fabric deserves super marketing

Our Crypton client didn’t just tell us about Crypton Super Fabric, she actually poured juice on it while at the conference table – then cleaned it up in plain sight. Thankfully, she didn’t have a baggie full of “allergens” to show us how the Crypton Mattress and Pillow Protector provides a permanent barrier. We took her at her word. Armed with research, swatches and healthy imaginations – we got to work. The resulting marketing piece stands as one of Phibnax’s favorites. Why? The language is crisp and concise, clever and powerful. Crypton has a great product line, and Phibnax knew exactly what to do with it.

You could say that we are “classically trained” in effective marketing. Before we became Phibnax, we were launching and building sales for powerful national brands. We know how to create advertising that engages the people who need your goods or services. After that comes the sales. The same principle applies on the web. Engaging your clients is the catalyst of effective SEO – you can get a client to your product through online search, but if you can’t hold their attention – or get them to act – then you’ve wasted your efforts.

That’s why we measure our success by your sales.