Shore Mortgage 2.0

New brand + new site = new customers

Shore Mortgage came to Phibnax for a new website. We gave them a whole new way to go to market. Shore had spent thousands with another company for a site with a flaccid design that no one liked. The search engines didn’t like it either, so it didn’t bring in bring in new customers. And if a customer happened to find their way to they weren’t convinced that Shore could help them, so web leads and phone calls were virtually nonexistent.

The Fastest Way to YES.
Phibnax redefined the Shore Mortgage brand with the theme line “The Fastest Way to YES”. In the current economy, many homeowners think a mortgage approval is out of their reach. We solved that problem by positioning Shore as the mortgage company who is rescuing the American Dream one home at a time, by fighting hard to get you the YES you’re looking for. This compelling brand message resulted in content that was 30% stickier than the former site.

Web 2.0 design that increased web leads by increasing interaction.
Bright optimistic graphics and content brought The Fastest Way to YES to life. Every page featured multiple sales propositions designed to appeal to people at different parts of the mortgage process. Each different message encouraged the reader to talk to a Shore Loan Officer for help achieving their goals. The result – web applications and phone calls to the dedicated web number increased fivefold.

Keyword success: We found out what people  were searching for and offered it to them.
Phibnax SEO research created a muscular site optimized with the most relevant search keywords. Within a month Shore had already gained the coveted number one spot on search results with some of their optimized keywords. And unlike much of the optimized content you see, the Phibnax content brought The Fastest Way to YES to life and engaged these new customers after search brought them to the site.

  • Engaging New Positioning: The Fastest Way to YES.
  • Content that kept people on the site 30% longer
  • #1 Google ranking in one month with some keyword phrases
  • Web leads and web phone calls increased 5x