Nerd Writing Moves Products

To win at eCommerce you need more than a shopping cart

The core of Phibnax’s Advanced eCommerce Solutions is a secret ingredient we call “Nerd Writing.” If you own an eCommerce site or are thinking of building one you won’t care what we call it, as long as you can get some. Nerd Writing is what happens when we take the experience we gained writing  profitable (and award winning) advertising for, Hickory Farms, Quicken Loans, Ford, Mazda and others – and then layering in the “science” of keyword optimization.

Here are 4 powerful reasons why our “Nerd Writing” captures new customers and generates sales like nothing else:

We look under the hood. Job one (sorry, Ford) is reviewing your website to see how your web guys built it, and what’s going on behind the scenes. You’d be surprised at the difference between what your web designer told you they did to optimize your site, and what they actually did (or didn’t) do. We have the technology and we know what to look for. We can see what keywords were used, how they were used, and test to see if the right ones were used. If this seems like a mystery to you, you’re in good company. We’ll give you a window into how the search engines see your site.

We get ‘em there. If the only way a customer finds your site is when you give them the web address, we refer to that as a “brochure” site. That’s because new customers aren’t finding you in search, only when you ‘hand’ them your message (like a brochure). Your site should work harder than that – 24/7. At Phibnax, we know how to help new customers to find your website through highly focussed optimized content. To be honest, it can take a few months for the search engines to fully index your site, so don’t wait any longer, okay? Chop chop.

We keep them there. This is where our direct marketing and advertising expertise comes into play. We minimize the abandonment rate of your site by calling into play our deep knowledge of branding, messaging and Call to Action. When it comes to combining content optimization with effective salesmanship, Phibnax is the perfect storm. The whole package. Just ask the Sharper Image, one of our favorite clients.

We make the Search Engines love you. Web Maintenance is important for this reason: if you ignore your website, so will the search engines. Which means your new customers will be turning into another company’s new customers. If you have not revisited your optimization in over 4 months, you are in serious danger of becoming obsolete. Ouch. Remember how much you hated paying for your site to be built? Now you’re letting it rot away. We can fix that.

At Phibnax, we work hard to make your website work as hard as it can for you. We understand what it takes to get your website to register on the Internet; we can get your eCommerce products to show up in search results. Plus, you get far more than just some keywords inserted in content. You get a compelling message that uses the marketing insight and know-how that built successful brands like, Mazda and Quicken Loans. It’s a beautiful thing. A beautiful profitable thing.