Medical Marketing

Some of the best health care organizations in the country pick our brains

Did you ever want to be a fly on the wall of the marketing team at another healthcare provider? I’ll give you a little glimpse: they are just as under staffed as your team is. For some reason, even large hospital networks seem to think that a small handful of professionals can do the job of several times their number. And they can – with Phibnax as a resource.

Clients like The Cleveland Clinic, Hurley Medical Center, Covenant Healthcare System have tapped into our writing, marketing and video expertise. Phibnax has been a spot-on, cost effective extension of some really talented teams; teams who have admirable goals, but only 24 hours in their day. Sound familiar? Whether you need a radio campaign, a series of print ads or a complete rebranding, Phibnax can help you breathe life into your marketing and connect with new patients.

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Here are just a few of the ways Phibnax can help you market your healthcare organization:

  • Annual Reports
  • Custom Publications
  • Ads for Specialty Groups of Physicians
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Medical Videos

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