Effective Writing

Crazy Idea: Write copy and content so good people will actually want to read it

There are plenty of writers who can capably compose a spellchecked paragraph.

Here’s what makes our writing stand out: thought.

We write copy that is an extension of solid strategy. More than words on paper, our writing reflects a measurable concept, awareness of audience, and our vast and varied experience. Phibnax always writes clear, uncluttered copy that people actually want to read and respond to. When I wrote ‘Your Car is Waiting’ for Autotrader.com, online traffic increased 1700%. When Kathy wrote a 148 page website for an international BPO provider, then optimized it for search, service pages began climbing in rank results almost immediately. A custom publication generated 8 million new business dollars.

Phibnax has many writing success stories that revolve around television and radio commercials, DRTV, video scripts, consumer generated content, even business proposals – and we’ll be happy to chat about them when you call us at 248-648-3099.
Phibnax writes:

  • Annual Reports
  • Marketing Publications and Brochures
  • Custom Publications
  • Business Proposals
  • TV Scripts
  • Radio Scripts
  • DRTV Scripts
  • Per-Inquiry Radio Scripts
  • Website copy
  • Ancillary Web Content, Branding
  • Theme Lines
  • Print Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Email Marketing
  • Videos

Phibnax also designs, directs, video edits, storyboards and produces. But everything we do at Phibnax has one common thread: a solid idea, and great writing.