Custom Publications

Beef up your CRM with a high ROI publication

If your client loyalty program isn’t all that you’d like it to be, maybe you ought to try adding a few coffee tables.

Let me explain. It’s no secret that client loyalty programs are all about relationships. You give your clients something they can use, and it deepens their ongoing relationship with you. That came into sharp focus for us when we were working on Quicken Loan’s client loyalty newsletter, Home Advantage.
When we took it over, it was little more than a self mailing brochure filled with transparently self serving blurbs. People would thumb through it for any offers that were in there, then promptly throw it away. We decided to transform it into a true custom magazine, specifically a full color glossy home magazine, filled with articles on improving and making the most of your home, as well as helpful articles on real estate trends and home financing. We wrote all original articles, we shot all original photography. We gave it a high end look and feel to see if we could get our clients to keep it around instead of dumping it in the circular file. We put a unique phone number in it, so we could see if any calls came from it. And we did it without increasing the budget for anything but postage.

How did it work? For months after each issue the phones rang with the unique number, and enough loans were written to give Home Advantage an ROI of 2000%. What was even better – a small but significant portion of those loans were from new clients, which meant that some of our clients valued our custom publication so much they passed it along to friends or family.

So if you’re looking to beef up your client loyalty program (an especially smart thing to do in a challenging economy) you might want to consider throwing a few coffee tables into the mix!

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