What We Do

Customized marketing solutions that leave your competition behind.

Go Deep + Think Hard + Respond Quickly

You’ve seen the guy, that football player who’s half the size of the rest of the team.
One of the mammoth linebackers could mow him down without thinking, but the little guy just keeps slipping between the hits. And while he’s running, spinning and dodging his way up the field, he manages to be right were his team needs him time and time again. He may be half the size, but he makes twice the impact.

Phibnax is that guy.
Our organization is small, but our brains are light on their feet (hmmm, brain feet). Our results prove it. Whether you’re looking for a marketing partner to provide marketing insight and customized marketing solutions, or a creative partner that will serve up the kind of professional copywriting and ideas you need to grow in a tough economy – Phibnax will duck and weave with you all the way to the goal line.

But we can’t help you until you call. Call Steve at 248-648-3099, or email steve@phibnax.com

Here are just a few of the ways Phibnax can help you do an end run around your competition:

  • Brand Creation
  • Marketing Insight and Strategy
  • Customized Marketing Solutions
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • DRTV
  • Per Inquiry Radio
  • Web Design SEO
  • Web Maintenance
  • SEO Copywriting Services
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • SEO Optimized Article Writing and Placement
  • eCommerce Web Design and Optimized Content
  • Social Media Campaigns, including Crowdsourcing Brand Research
  • Professional Copywriting Services
  • CRM