answers to a few questions you might have

What are your rates?

Every project is unique, so Phibnax bids each project individually. We’ll provide you with an estimate for you to look over and sign before we begin.
While we normally bill by the project, we do have a retainer agreement with some of our clients. Retainers work out well for everyone – we get regular cash flow, and you get a reduced rate. Win-win.

Will you meet or beat another company’s price?

Short answer: we can talk about it. But if you want writing for $5 or $10 a page…Phibnax isn’t the company for you.
With over 1000% ROI on some projects, we’ve made our clients millions of dollars over the years. We charge reasonable fees for ideas that work.

Can you take something I’ve already written or designed and make it better?

You bet, we do it all the time. We’ll look at your writing or design through the eyes of experience, and make it more powerful than ever.

I just have a small project – will you do it?
Sure. Many of our best long term relationships have started with a small project. We do everything for our clients, from tweaking a bit of copy, to fully integrated marketing campaigns that include web, broadcast and client loyalty.

This project is on fire! Can you turn it around quickly?

Being lean and mean makes us very quick on our feet. If you’ve got a true emergency, we can help.
Our clients love our responsiveness. But once we’ve put out the fire, we’ll also put you on a more sane production schedule, because usually we’re booked at least three weeks in advance.

How much do you need to know about my business?
Decades of experience have sharpened our skills, and help us cut through jargon and industry-speak to get to the heart of what motivates your clients.
You’ll be surprised how quickly we can deliver effective ideas for your business, even if we’re new to the category. That’s because we concentrate on learning what motivates your clients and how your business can serve them better than your competition.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Do you take credit cards?

Yes, and yes. We require a 50% deposit before scheduling your project. If your project will be $1000 or less, we require payment in full. We can only schedule your project after you fax us your signed estimate, and we have received your deposit.
For your convenience you can pay with a credit card through our PayPal account. [mp:id=1]

What are your payment terms?

50% deposit before we can schedule your job. Payment in full in advance if your job is less than $1000. Balance due upon completion of job.

Who owns the copyright on the work you do for us?
You do, after you pay in full. We might choose the work we do for you to show on our site, or in our portfolio, but you still retain the copyright.

What kind of services does Phibnax offer?
We’ve done (and can do) it all. Marketing strategy. Great writing of all kinds, including ancillary web copy and SEO services. Broadcast writing and production, including TV and radio. Direct Response advertising, including DRTV, per inquiry radio, and direct mail. Print design. Web site design and interactive advertising. Custom publications. Client loyalty campaigns. Email newsletters. HTML email campaigns.
Need a superbowl commercial. We’ve done that. Need a bit of copy tweaked? We can do that too.

What hours do you work?
Do you know anyone who works 9 to 5 anymore? We don’t. We put in the hours it takes to get the job done. That being said, we do have families, and they like to see us once in a while. So we try to keep weekends and evenings free when possible.